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One Step at a Time is a unique organization melding outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking and biking with recovery. OSAT was started in 1991 by Jim Hinkhouse.

OSAT is comprised of both an outdoor club and an affiliated but separate AA group. The public portions of this web site provide descriptions of our organization and activities, as well as a history of OSAT.  

OSAT club meetings and AA meetings are good places to learn more about OSAT, and visitors are always welcome. If you would like to join us and access members-only portion of the web site, including our activities calendar and forums, become a member or renew today!

What's Happening

To view What's Happening or the full Activities Calendar, you must be an OSAT member and be logged into your account.

Glacier Climbing Class

Registration is now closed for the 2017 class. Click here for information about the course.  

OSAT Outside Western Washington

Check out our page devoted to connecting people throughout North America who are interested in outdoor activities and recovery.



Little Tahoma (Photo by Peter Litwin)

Coming down off the Mt. Rainier Summit 2009 (Photo by Peter Litwin)

Trail Camp on Mt. Whitney approx. elevation 12,000' (Photo by Peter Litwin)     


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