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Over the years, the club has offered a variety of gear emblazoned with the distinctive OSAT logo: bandanas, bumper stickers, patches, and an assortment of shirts and caps.   New product availablity depends on demand and the eagerness of someone in the club to do the legwork!   

Prices are set with the intent of simply covering the costs of these items (some are actually a bit below cost!)  Check out (or print out for your convenience) the price list of the items, which also includes available colors for shirts and caps.

We have implemented an online purchase capability for OSAT Gear.  We don't have an e-commerce site as such, but members can now order and pay for OSAT Gear by using  listings on the OSAT Calendar.  Since the calendar is a members-only portion of the web site, non-members must order by mail or make arrangements via email to the contact persons identified for the various products.

Some items also can be ordered by mail using the paper membership form.   You may deal directly with the contact person identified in the item descriptions below for more information or alternatives to online purchase or order-by-mail.  Or contact Katy to discuss other means to get what you want.

Currently Available OSAT-logo Gear

OSAT T-shirts - These popular shirts come in hi-tech fabric (no cotton!) as  appropriate for your active OSAT life-style.   The shirts feature a full-size OSAT logo on the back, as well as the traditional small OSAT logo on the front.  Sizes are sometimes limited, but we try to stock a complete selection of Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large in both long-sleeve and short sleeve.   Color availability varies depending on size and style, but may include White, Silver, Navy, Royal, Maroon and Gold.   Contact Katy for specific current inventory and to order.   $15 for Short-sleeve, $20 for long-sleeve (shown).


We also have a new Women's Short-sleeve T-shirt (to left).  This shirt has the OSAT logo screen-printed on the right hip (sorry, the logo is not shown on the picture), and is available in Tropic Blue (shown), Purple, Lime and Cardinal.  Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large sizes are available.  The Women's Short-sleeve T-shirt is a huge bargain at just $10 each!  Contact Katy for specific current color and size inventory and to order.  

To buy your OSAT T-shirt, go to the short-sleeve , long-sleeve or women's short-sleeve order events and follow the instructions there.





OSAT Baseball Caps have the familiar OSAT logo embroidered on them, so you'll want one to wear to all sorts of OSAT events.  The two-toned macro-curved bill will keep the sun, or the rain, out of your eyes whether you are out training or on a climb.   The polyester-polpropylene blend will keep you cool, while drying out quickly.    Colors available are Navy (Black - as shown), Denim, and Stone.  Price is $10 each  Contact Katy for more information.    

To buy your OSAT Baseball Cap, go to this calendar event and follow the instructions there. 

Beanies!OSAT Knit Skull Caps have the OSAT logo embroidered on them, as shown on the couple to the left.   The synthetic knit blend keeps you warm and dries quickly.    Colors available are Navy Blue, Black, Grey, and Powder Blue.  Price is $10 each  Contact Katy for more information.    

To buy your OSAT Knit Skull Cap, go to this calendar event and follow the instructions there.

OSAT Fleece Beanies also have the OSAT logo embroidered on them (sorry, the logo is not shown on the illustration to the right).   The fleece beanie is great for keeping your ears and head nice and toasty on those cold winter campouts.    Colors available are Black, Café Brown, Charcoal, Caldera Red, and Lagoon Blue.  Price is $10 each  Contact Katy for more information.    

To buy your OSAT Fleece Beanie, go to this calendar event and follow the instructions there.

OSAT Bandanas are available in a wide variety of colors.  The unique design includes multiple images of the distinctive OSAT logo so whichever way you tie and wear it, the logo will show!.  Be sure to specify what color you'd like -- buy several different colors to go with everything in your outdoor wardrobe.  Colors available are black, white, blue, orange, yellow and pink.  

To buy your OSAT Bandana, go to this calendar event and follow the instructions there, or contact Katy for more information or to buy at an OSAT event.

OSAT Stickers (pic at left) and Window Clings  (pic at right) that can be used as bumper stickers or on your water bottle and other gear.    Stickers and clings are approximately 3" x 5" in size.   Stickers are available blue on a white vinyl background or blue on a transparent vinyl background.   Static window clings are blue on transparent vinyl backing.

The price is $1.   To buy your OSAT Window Cling or Sticker go to this calendar event and follow the instructions there, or contact Katy or Rachel.   New members get a complementary sticker.

OSAT Knives by SOGOSAT Knives  may be ordered directly from the vendor, SOG Specialty Knives and Tools.    Special arrangements made by Kathy C (our OSAT Yodel editor, who works for SOG) make it possible for OSAT members to obtain these high quality knives engraved with "KCM & DS" on the blade and the OSAT logo on the knife body at discounted prices.  If you would like to check out the high quality of these products before ordering, visit one of the Seattle area vendors, such as Lowes or The North Face.   You can place your order by following the instructions on this calendar event.


OSAT Mini-carabiners  - Not for climbing, but great to use as a key chain, to clip stuff such as a GPS, camera, or sunblock to your pack, or to hang up your wet gear in the garage.   OSAT mini-'biners are the versatile 3-1/8" size, with "ONE STEP AT A TIME"  laser-engraved on one side, and the OSAT mountain logo and "KCM & DS !" on the other.   They are available in green or blue.   For the past several years, students in the GCC have been given one of these as a beginning to their OSAT Gear collection!

During their successful 2005 season, Ed Vesteurs gave out carabiners similar to this to the Seattle Seahawks football team.  The Seahawks had adoped "One step at a time" as their motto following a motivational talk by Vesteurs, so they had that printed one side, but they didn't have the shorthand for the OSAT motto on the other!

OSAT mini-'biners are only $1 (less than cost!).   Postage will be paid by OSAT.  To buy OSAT MIni-carabiners go to this calendar event and follow the instructions there.  You can also contact Katy  for these items.

OSAT Patches  - Here's an opportunity to attach the OSAT logo to your pack, your jacket, or whatever article of clothing you desire. The patch measures 2" x 3" and includes the OSAT motto, "Keep climbing mountains & don't slip!"  The logo and lettering are embroidered in blue, the edge is serged in either blue or black.  Price is $1 each  Contact Katy for more information.    

To buy your OSAT patch, go to this calendar event and follow the instructions there.

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