Glacier Climbing Course

Q: Who can participate?

A: The GCC is for members of a 12 step recovery program, their family and friends. In order to enroll in the course, you must be an OSAT club member. For more information on how to become an OSAT club member, please visit

Q: What skills will be taught?

A: During the six month course, students will learn about how to choose and use mountaineering equipment, maintain the safety of their team, navigation, ice axe self-arrest techniques, proper roped travel skills, crevasse rescue and snow camping.

Q: What is required?

A: The course requires participants to undertake a serious conditioning and training regimen. Seminars, field trips, and conditioners require 100 percent attendance in order to be eligible for graduation.

2021 GCC Updates

In order to run a climbing course that is safe for all participants and in alignment with state regulations, we will be implementing several necessary but significant changes. 

  • Registration for the 2021 GCC will only open if King County has entered (or is close to entering) Phase 3.

  • If we are able to open the course, registration will be held January 9th, starting at 12pm (noon). While this is much later than past years, this timing gives the course its best chance for success.

  • The course will also begin in early March 2021

  • To align with government group size restrictions and to limit cross-contamination, the 2021 GCC will be run in small group format. Each group will consist of two instructors and four students who will work exclusively together for the entire course, including conditioning and skills instruction. We will hold no large, in person, events in the 2021 course. 

Because of coronavirus related party size restrictions and changing permitting processes, climbing Mount Rainier will not be an objective in the 2021 GCC. The course will culminate with students climbing other Washington State glaciated peaks within their small groups.

If you are interested in taking the Glacier Climbing Course, become a member now.  

If you have questions about the updated 2021 registration process, please contact 2021 GCC Chair, Shawna Lamoree,

For general questions about registration contact 2021 GCC Registrar, Mia Fine,

 2021 Course Documents
2021 Instructor Documents
If you are a qualified instructor who is willing to make an extensive commitment to volunteer as a small group leader, please complete the GCC Instructor Survey. This survey must be completed by 10/9. The GCC Committee will be in touch by November 1st.


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