These are activities organized for smaller groups, usually up to 12 attendees.  Some activities may require specific skills or physical conditioning.  Be sure to read the description of the event and contact the OSAT Trip Leader.  OSAT Trip Leaders have been mentored to lead activities.  Contact  

Dinner and a Movie

Monthly group get-together for a potluck and movie that focuses on the mountains and/or recovery.


We offer a wide range of outdoor training from how to build a snow cave to navigation.  Check the calendar for details.   

Hiking, Trail running and Post-GCC Climbing

We love to hike!  We love to run!  We love to climb!  Check the calendar for a wide range activities for different abilities. We are just starting our trail running and post GCC Climbing activities.  

Backpacking and Long-Distance Hiking

So you want to go overnight?  Or many miles?  We have several options to go backpacking and some +100 mile hikes!   


We are evolving our biking offerings to include road and offroad biking.  


Want to give back?  Join a stewardship activities to volunteer for trail renewal and maintenance as well as urban trips.  YAY!


Yosat are activities for OSAT families.  These events are shorter, less strenuous outdoor activities appropriate for parents and children.  Contact Dan W or Keitrah O.

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