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In Memoriam - OSAT Passings

This page honors OSAT members who have gone to greater rewards and higher summits than those available here in life on earth.  They gave us companionship on trails and summits, contributed to the success of our organization, and shared gifts and wisdom with us and many others.  We remember them, we thank them for their contributions to our lives, and we pray for their families and friends.

I know quite a lot about fear and have some notion of death.   I know my strengths and weaknesses.   Sometimes I feel I know what it is that calls me back, and then I lose it again.   I like looking over the edge, into the world where the ghosts have stepped, and returning with a fuller view of living.  I feel privileged to have enjoyed such moments in my life. I have seen things about myself and my friends that I would never otherwise have seen.   I have discovered the scale of my strength and the depth of my frailty and have been forced to accept, however reluctantly, our fragile mortality.

 Joe Simpson - This Game of Ghosts

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