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In Memoriam - Dave Forest

Dave Forest will be remembered by many who attended OSAT Tiger Mountain AA meetings as the organizing force, and chief chef of Tiger breakfasts and dinners at Sunday morning and Thursday evening meetings.  His french toast and pasta primavera raised the standard for those events, and his matter-of-fact way of letting people know "this will happen" left no doubt that the necessary helping hands would be there.

Dave was also a patient and skilled leader and teacher.  Beneath his warm and quiet approach to activities was a serious interest in sharing his knowledge and love of the outdoors with any and all he came in contact with.   

Here is a slide show of Dave's adventures with OSAT and the many people who climbed, laughed, cried, and shared life with him.  In September 2013 OSAT honored Dave with the installation of a plaque near the Tiger Mountain meeting site.

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