If you're new to OSAT, below is a sample of events we sponsor to get you involved in the club.  Specific upcoming events are listed in the members-only Activities Calendar.


Monthly OSAT Club meetings are usually held on the second Wednesday of the month (except July and December) at 7:30pm at the Congregational Church of Mercer Island. Club meetings directly follow the BOTS meetings at 7pm. The meetings are held in classroom #1, upstairs off of the west wing of the sanctuary balcony.

The Congregational Church of Mercer Island

4545 Island Crest Way                                           

Mercer Island, WA, 98040

Visitors and new members are encouraged to come to the club meetings to meet club members and learn more.


OSAT began as a hiking and climbing club, in support of activities surrounding and preparations for the first Mount Rainier AA Expedition in 1991.   The Washington Cascades and Olympics offer an endless variety of mountaineering experiences, and members of One Step at a Time are out enjoying them as often as possible.   

During the spring much of the club activity revolves around the annual Glacier Climbing Course (GCC), with training outings occurring once or twice a month and conditioning hikes nearly every weekend.    

In addition to the Mount Baker GCC climbs in June and the GCC graduation climbs of Mt. Rainier in July, numerous other glacier climbs, scrambles, rock climbs and hikes appear on the Calendar for members throughout the year.   Some of these are documented with articles and pictures in the club newsletter, the Yodel.


OSAT members' interests in climbing and hiking inevitably lead to longer trips and bigger adventures.   Here is a sampling of OSAT trip reports from years past:


The idea of gOSAT is to provide a variety of activities and/or hikes (short and long) that are for all members to participate in (depending on individual conditioning of course), separate from the GCC (Glacier Climbing Course). Activities are rated as to difficulty:

  1. Easy - Good for young and old alike in fair hiking condition. Trails are generally in good condition. Very little elevation gain. For OSATers who prefer a slower pace, gOSAT (formerly "slOSAT") offers non-summit oriented serenity hikes from time to time.  No need to rush during these gentle, yet invigorating hikes, chosen for their natural beauty and limited elevation gain.  
  2. Moderate - Someone in good hiking condition. Increased mileage and elevation. 
  3. Difficult - Someone in excellent hiking condition. Significant increase in mileage and elevation gain. 
  4. Advanced - Someone in excellent hiking/climbing condition. Trails may not always be available. Significant increase in mileage and/or extreme elevation gain and/or technical aspects of the hike included. 

Your hiking suggestions and leadership suggestions and leadership services are welcome. Contact the GoOSAT Coordinators for more information, or look on the OSAT calendar for events.


Several OSAT social events every year include families, and members with children eventually developed the idea of family hikes with children. YOSAT events are shorter, less strenuous outdoor activities appropriate for parents and children.  For more information contact Dan W or Keitrah O.


OSAT offers bicycling rides for all level of riders throughout the riding season. Cycling OSATers in the past have enjoyed sponsored rides, the S-T-P, OSAT-organized rides, and various mountain bike adventures, as well as summer rides to the OSAT Sunday Tiger Mountain AA Meeting. Its a great way to get out and enjoy the Great Northwest while meeting others in sobriety.

Most OSAT bike events are organized by avid and knowledgeable cyclists Jane and Mike P.  If you'd like to get into some clean and sober pedaling, contact Mike by email or phone him at 206 310 5763.    


For many years Team OSAT was present on the American Lung Association Trek Tri-Island fund-raising ride. In 2007 this evolved into an annual OSAT-organized bike trip to Lopez Island. Lopez is particularly well-suited to bike riders, and has good camping facilities. OSATers literally arrive by plane, sail boat, and ferry, and rendezvous for several days of bike riding and evenings of fellowship around the campfire.  Check out the 2009 Lopez trip report in the Yodel.  Members can check the OSAT Calendar for scheduling, which is late-July or early-August.


A number of club social events are held periodically.   These are opportunities to get to know fellow OSAT members in a context other than outdoor activities.   Family and guests are always welcome. Check out the OSAT Calendar for scheduling.


Held annually in November, the OSAT Gratitude Dinner is the largest OSAT event of the year.   The potluck is the official start of the holiday season for members, and legendary for plentiful excellent food!   Slide shows, certificate presentations to glacier climbing course graduates, and lots and lots of formal and informal gratitude shared 


The OSAT Holiday Party in December is a great family event, with a visit from Santa and gift exchange, as well as the typical grand OSAT Potluck.   Here are a few pictures from the 2010 festivities.


OSATers are experts at mixing social activities with outdoor exercise.   The annual Car Camp near the end of the summer climbing season is an OSAT family tradition that dates back to start of the club over 20 years ago.  Although held in September at a variety of western Washington campgrounds in the early years, late season rains along the Mountain Loop Highway several years in a row eventually forced a move to the campgrounds on the dry side of the mountains, where it has been held ever since.   Not to mention a much reduced probability of rain in September!     The locale near Leavenworth offers an infinite variety of hikes, scrambles, and  rock climbs for every ambition and ability -- many an OSAT-kid (and lots of members, too!) got their first experience at top-roping on the rock faces along Icicle Creek.   This three-day event typically features a potluck dinner, a potluck breakfast, a couple of campfire meetings, and lots of fun, camaraderie, and exercise!

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