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Are you interested in the OSAT concept, but don't live in Western Washington?   If so, we are eager to help you find others in your area with the same interests, and to develop in whatever manner you find appropriate.

If you are interested in starting a group like OSAT, please feel free to contact us if you have questions and would like to benefit from our experience.  You are also welcome to use this web site as a resource.   The History and FAQ sections have information about how we got started and organized.  In addition, we were blessed by having had our founder document some of his ideas on the subject of starting OSAT-like organizations elsewhere, when one of our early members moved to Boston.  This document has been annotated to bring some of the information more up-to-date.   Also see the flyer we use to let others in the Seattle area know about OSAT, and materials used at OSAT AA meetings which are linked to our AA Meetings page..

OSAT has not established a formal "affiliation" or "chapter" process.  However we know people outside our region who are interested in combining outdoor interests such as mountaineering with recovery.   Some are former members of OSAT who have moved away, others have simply advised us of their interest.    They are willing to get together with you, either to discuss organizing a similar group, or simply to share your mutual interests.  

The following links provide email addresses to contact persons in these areas:

                Please email us to add any additional links to this list.

Our membership contacts list includes many current and former members in other locations.  Please contact us if you would like to be contacted by someone in the following areas.  We will have them contact you by phone or email as you desire:   

  •              Multiple locations in Oregon, including some active members
  •              Arlington, Massachusetts
  •              South Lake Tahoe, California
  •              Rancho Palos Verde, California
  •              Bay Area, California
  •              Thorne Bay, Alaska
  •              Midlands, UK

Phoenix Multisport is a non-profit organization with similar goals as OSAT.  Founded in 2006, they have chapters in nearly a dozen locations across the US.


The Great Smoky Mountain OSAT, GSMO (pronounced Gizmo) was established in Knoxville, TN in 2017. Many of our outings (hiking, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, white water rafting, climbing, caving, biking, etc..) occur in and around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as well as the surrounding national forests and recreation areas. We typically have one outdoor activity and one fellowship event (bowling, skating, movies, etc..) each month. To become a part of GSMO you can email us at or search Facebook and request to be added to the private GSMO page. GSMO meets on the 2nd and 4thSunday of the month at 5 pm at the East Tennessee Intergroup Office to plan upcoming events and conduct a short gratitude meeting.  You can also view our previous and upcoming events on our google calendar at:

OSAT West (Olympic Peninsula)

Patrick H has started a sober hiking group in Kitsap County, and is interested in meeting with other clean-and-sober hikers on the west side of Puget Sound.  He was active in OSAT in the mid-1990s while living in Seattle, and is now living near the Hood Canal bridge.   This group usually does hikes on Sundays after a regular Sunday AM meeting in Poulsbo.

One of the hikers has started a facebook page (private following the guidelines for AA & social networking).

Contact Patrick for more information

OSAT Greenville SC

TBD - after a very exciting 2014 for the Greenville OSAT group, we are taking a step back to determine the next best action.  Stay tuned for possible updates.


Please contact us  if you would like us to add a link to your own email address to the first list above.  If you prefer, provide us your contact information so we can send to you information from anyone who contacts us from your area, and we will add your area as necessary to the second list.  Note that you do notneed to be a member of OSAT to take advantage of this service.   OSAT members who are planning travel to your area might also contact you about getting together for a hike or a meeting.

Whether or not you decide to formalize the idea of OSAT in your area, and whether you follow our concepts, develop your own "hybrid", or simply maintain a more informal relationship with like-minded friends,  please keep us informed of how you are doing.   Feel free to stop in on one of our meetings if you come to Seattle, and share what is going on in your area to combine your love of the outdoors with your gratitude for recovery.  

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