OSAT Club Traditions

As an organization engaged in what are sometimes referred to as "inherently dangerous activities", OSAT and its members recognize a responsibility to abide by and teach a certain ethic regarding behavior in the mountains. The OSAT Traditions developed over the years, and are published in the Yodel  as a reminder to all club members of their responsibilities to themselves and their fellow climbers to act in a safe, courteous, and respectful manner in everything they do.

1) Every OSAT activity has a designated leader. The leader makes the decision as to who is qualified for the activity. This decision must be based on principles and not personalities.

2) Alcohol and illegal drugs are not allowed on any OSAT activity.

3) Party members are not to separate from the group without prior permission of the activity eader.

4) An OSAT leader should have completed a wilderness first-aid training course or ensure that at least one participant in the activity has done so.

5) When in a wilderness area, each party member will carry the 10 essentials.

6) Outdoor activities start with the Serenity Prayer while holding hands in a circle.

7) Each OSAT glacier climb will have at least two rope teams that include a person with crevasse rescue training.

8) Anyone can volunteer to lead an activity, even a technical climb. As leader, you should be certain that everyone on that activity has signed the Release and Indemnity Agreement. As a participant, you may want to “qualify” your leader.

9) Party size for OSAT activities will adhere to the rules of the appropriate jurisdiction.

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