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  • OSAT ACTIVITIES: Backcountry ski tour - Hyak Mountain

OSAT ACTIVITIES: Backcountry ski tour - Hyak Mountain

  • 03 Dec 2022
  • 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM
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Hyak Mountain Ski/Splitboard Tour


Let's kick off OSAT ski touring with a mellow tour on Hyak mountain!

ROUTE: If the ski resort is open, they'll have a marked uphill trail. If it's not yet open, we'll go directly up Hyak face. We'll transition near the top of Hyak mountain, and ski down the backside into Hidden Valley. If the resort is open, this should be fun as they likely won't have the new hidden valley lift spinning yet. From there we'll take the obvious uphill route up Blowdown back to the top of Hyak mountain. From here we can play it by ear. If the team is feeling rowdy, we can do another lap.

SKI/SNOWBOARD ABILITY: We'll be going down single black diamond runs. Please be able to safely ski a black diamond in variable conditions. If you're unsure of your ability to do this, please call/text/email me (Kyle Rush -contact info below) and we can work out a more mellow tour plan!

CONDITIONS: Expect early season conditions. This means potentially thin, patchy snow and open creek drainages.

GEAR: If you have avalanche gear (Beacon, Shovel, Probe), bring it. We'll do a beacon check at the beginning and talk about avalanche risks. We will treat this as a backcountry ski tour even though we'll be in bounds. If you don't have avalanche gear, don't sweat it, but plan on getting a beacon, shovel and probe for other tours!

Must have skis and boots with tech bindings (or a splitboard), skins, helmet, poles, ski goggles (And/Or sunglasses depending on weather). Bring weather appropriate clothing. If you have any questions on what that means, give me a call or text, or send me an email.

PACE: Moderate to slow. This isn't a very committing tour, and our main objective is to familiarize ourselves with our gear and get in the habit of making safe decisions in the backcountry.

2.5-5 miles
1700-3400 feet
High Point:
3737 feet
Pace: Slow to Moderate
Meeting Place/Time:

Summit East (Hyak) Parking Lot

TIME: 8 AM at the parking lot. 8:30 beacon check and go over tour plan. 8:45 start the tour.

Duration: 3-6 hours
Return Time:
Carpool: Please reach out if you'd like to carpool!
What to Bring:
See GEAR section above
Kids (Under 16):
Pets Allowed:
If the resort is open, no. If it's closed, yes but only if you know they can handle a long day in the snow.
Passes Required:

Trailhead Directions:

Overview Maps:

Trip Leaders:

Name L/W/S/A* Mobile Phone E-Mail
Kyle Rush L/A 443-504-5699
Emma Glinsmann 432-770-5472   
Sergei N


*(L)ead; (W)FA; (S)weep; (A)IARE

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