OSAT Mobile App

OSAT mobile apps provide members access to the private club Member Directory and the Events Calendar from iOS or Android smart phones. You may find this to be more "user friendly" than accessing the web site with a smart phone web browser.

Wild Apricot is the host company for our web site.  Once the Wild Apricot app is loaded, access the OSAT site by logging in with the same credentials you used for logging into the online web site.  You should only have to log-in the first time you access the app.  Note that the app will show up on your phone menu with the Wild Apricot name and icon, not the OSAT logo and name.  The app includes such capabilities as signing up for events, pay for events like the GCC, add your events to your e-calendar, get directions to events using your mapping app, and call or email other members.  See this link for a full list of capabilities.  Event Admins may want to load the Wild Apricot's Admin app as well, as it has additional capabilities to manage events.

                  Member Apps:                 

                  Event Admin Apps:          

Apps may also be found in the iOS or Google Play app stores by searching for "Wild Apricot". 

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