OSAT Echo 

The Echo is OSAT’s automated email list.   Please keep in mind these key points about the Echo:
  •  Messages sent via the Echo go to a large list of members (over 300 people).  
  •  Echo messages appear in your email inbox with “(OSAT)” preceding the subject
  •  Please keep messages short and appropriate to OSAT members. 
  •  The Echo does NOT support attachments
  •  Please do NOT "Reply All" to messages from the Echo;   reply instead only to the person posting the message, unless your reply really does need to go to the entire club.  HINT TO SENDERS:  you can prevent reply-all being used on Echo mail by sending your message to Echo as a bcc: rather than to:.
  •  Maintenance of the Echo subscription list is NOT automated.   As a member of OSAT you may indicate your preference to be or not be on the Echo list through your web page membership profile, however the Echo list is manually maintained and is separate from the membership list.

Instructions for using the OSAT Echo:

  •  To post a message:   send an email to echo@osat.talklist.com.  It is a good idea to send  messages using Bcc: in lieu of To: or Cc: , unless you think responses to your message may be appropriate for the entire club.  Sending Echo messages to Bcc: will prevent inadvertent "reply-all" responses sent to everyone.   

  •  To unsubscribe from the Echo list:  send a blank email to echo-off@osat.talklist.com .  Also remember to change the preference in your OSAT membership profile (click "View profile" in the green box on this page) so you won't get re-added when the list is audited.

  • If you are are not receiving OSAT Echo emails and wish to do so, please send a request to membership@osat.org  or directly to Eric H, the Membership Chairman.  Note that indicating your desire to be on the list simply by changing that selection on your web site profile will not result in your being added to the Echo list.

Online Alternative to OSAT Echo Email

If you want to say something that has lasting value to club members, or engage in a club-wide dialog about some subject, please consider using one of the Forums that are a part of this web site.   You can subscribe to any or all of the various topics covered by the forums, to be alerted if anyone has posted a message to them.   If you start a new discussion “thread” on a Forum, you might consider sending a single Echo message, directing people to the Forum to provide responses and participate in the discussion.

Tiger AA Meeting Email

The OSAT AA Tiger meeting maintains a smaller email list for those who are interested in the business aspects of that meeting.  If you would like to be on that list, please contact  Rena E..

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