Social Events

A number of club social events are held periodically.   These are opportunities to get to know fellow OSAT members in a context other than outdoor activities.   Family and guests are always welcome. Check out the Events Calendar for scheduling.

Gratitude Dinner and GCC Graduation Celebration

Held annually in November, the OSAT Gratitude Dinner is the largest OSAT event of the year.   The potluck is the official start of the holiday season for members, and legendary for plentiful excellent food!   Slide shows, certificate presentations to glacier climbing course graduates, and lots and lots of formal and informal gratitude shared 

Holiday Party

The OSAT Holiday Party in December is a great family event, with a visit from Santa and gift exchange, as well as the typical grand OSAT Potluck.   Here are a few pictures from the 2010 festivities.

Car Camp

OSATers are experts at mixing social activities with outdoor exercise.   The annual Car Camp near the end of the summer climbing season is an OSAT family tradition that dates back to start of the club over 20 years ago.  Although held in September at a variety of western Washington campgrounds in the early years, late season rains along the Mountain Loop Highway several years in a row eventually forced a move to the campgrounds on the dry side of the mountains, where it has been held ever since.   Not to mention a much reduced probability of rain in September!     The locale near Leavenworth offers an infinite variety of hikes, scrambles, and  rock climbs for every ambition and ability -- many an OSAT-kid (and lots of members, too!) got their first experience at top-roping on the rock faces along Icicle Creek.   This three-day event typically features a potluck dinner, a potluck breakfast, a couple of campfire meetings, and lots of fun, camaraderie, and exercise!

Talent Show

For several years the OSAT Talent Show provided a means to put on display a completely different aspect of the membership, their incredible talents in the fields of music, drama, comedy, and the arts.   Through the tireless efforts of Jim K, the OSAT talent show brought the club together for a spring potluck.   Although we’ve missed a few years, there is certainly enough talent in the club to revive this tradition.   If someone is willing to step up to the organizing role, please contact the BOTS or the Activities Chairman.

Previous Shows:

March 22, 2008
The talent show was revived after a three-year hiatus, at a new venue.  The evening featured some new talent and some old and, for the first time, Karaoke.  Particularly memorable were Gary reprising his incredible guitar playing, Louisa (er, Lulu LaTush?) doing something a little risqué but suitable for children nonetheless, and the grand finale featuring Doug and a cast of, well, not quite thousands, singing a unique and revealing rendition of “I’m a Mountaineer and I’m okay.   The festivities were summarized in an article in the June 2008 Yodel.

April 3, 2004
The third annual OSAT Talent Show included a Gear Grab, but we don’t seem to have any documentation of it.   Apparently everyone was so overwhelmed with the show; they all forgot to write up a story for the Yodel   The end of Winter Gala. was held at Epiphany Church of Seattle's grand hall.  The evening was filled with fun and laughter, tall tales of lore, poetry, singing, music, art work, the occasional buffoon, dancing, feats of spine tingling daring-do and yes -- tables full of used gear for sale.

March 15th, 2003
We did it again! Since the first OSAT Talent Show & Pot Luck Dinner went off without a hitch (Thanks to all who participated) we decided that we would do it again! Tons of people come on out for an awesome night of fun and bewilderment!  All told there were approximately 60 people there, an extended Gear Grab was included in the back part of the auditorium, and the food was superb! Check back here for more information regarding the next inclusion to our OSAT tradition!

August 24, 2002
The inaugural OSAT Talent Show & Pot Luck Dinner was a great success. There was a mouth watering array of wonderful foods and plethora of talent. All together the two hour agenda was jam-packed with 15 performances including musical numbers, poetry, martial arts demonstrations, drill team numbers, and readings. There were art works on display and t-shirts were given to all who participated. At last count, fifty-four people were in attendance and a great time was held by all. The 4 months of planning to pull this all together ended in an evening of wonderment and fun. See the photo album here.

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