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Besides participating in recovery with like-minded people and reaping all the wonders, growth, serenity, enjoyment, and health that comes with being an OSAT member, you'll also receive:
  • A copy of the Yodel, the official OSAT newsletter filled with all the club has to offer.
  • Access to the members-only area of this web site which includes the club calendar and online forums.
  • A voice in voting for new BOTS members, the OSAT board, and eventually to serve the club in any of many volunteer opportunities.
  • An opportunity to enroll in our Glacier Climbing Course.
  • Endless opportunities to participate in OSAT events, and to organize events you are interested in!
Becoming a member is easy. It's a three step process.  (Renewing members, see below)
  1. Fill out the online General Member Applications form.
  2. Select membership level:
    Individual Membership (1 person) $12.00
    Paired Membership (2 people) $18.00
  3. Pay online to gain instant access to your membership profile and Members Section of the web site. If you choose to pay in person or by mail, we will manually verify your payment as soon as we can and send you a verifying email.
Note: You'll be asked to also agree to our Annual Release and Indemnity Agreement (PDF). If you do not read the Release and Indemnity clause and check the box that you agree with it, you will not be allowed to participate in OSAT events.

Renewal of memberships is equally easy. Simply hit the "View profile" button in the green login/logout box, and find the renewal button in your membership details. While there, its a good idea to review your profile information to make sure it is up-to-date.

Memberships are now for a 365-day year from the time your membership is processed. We will add you to our mailing list and you may opt on your membership profile to receive a copy of the Yodel in the next mailing cycle in lieu of online access.

That's all there is to it!  Come and join us as we celebrate life in sobriety and recovery amongst the wilderness areas of the Pacific Northwest!

ALREADY A MEMBER?  Just looking for how to renew?   Simply login to the web site and click the "View profile" link in the green box.  On your Profile page, click the "Renew until..." button.  It's easy!

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