Cycle JWPT #1

  • 11 Aug 2018
  • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • RattleSnake Lake Recreation Area


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Cycle the John Wayne Poineer Trail 2018:

Rattlesnake Lake to Snoqualmie Tunnel ( Hyak ) - 45 miles round trip

Ride description: Iron Horse State Park includes 113 miles of rail-trail conversion and 1,600 acres of adjacent land. This segment starts at Rattlesnake lake, elevation 960ft, and we will gradually climb over 22 miles to Hyak which is at 2,600ft. The grade is constant at 1.75 percent uphill: old Railway path.  We will ride on a pathway that is all gravel, ride over several amazing trestles, pass besides creeks and waterfalls, under huge fir trees, and pass through the dark Snoqualmie tunnel which is 2.3 miles in length.  We will take several short breaks to regroup the riders on the way up. And once through the tunnel we'll take a 15 minutes break to eat lunch at Hyak. Restrooms are available at Hyak which is also known as the East Summit. The ride back through the tunnel will start our journey down back to the starting point 22 miles away.

What to bring: Mountain bikes or comfort/ hybrid bikes having tires wider than 1.25 inches or 32mm. Make sure your bike is in good working order before the ride. Helmet, Gloves, Please bring extra tubes that fit your tire size in case of a flat tire, tire levers, and a pump. Bring water bottles or a hydration backpack, food for a five hour exercise excursion. Think about a light jacket to keep you warm at the top of the pass when we take a 15 minutes rest. Bring a front bicycle light, with fresh batteries, since we will be entering the Snoqualmie tunnel and riding 2.3 miles inside of it. Can be a head lamp to fit underneath the helmet. Discovery Pass is needed for car parking while we are cycling.

How to arrive at the Starting point of the ride: Iron Horse State Park Trailhead is in the Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area. Take Exit 32 from I-90. Look for the brown State Park signs. Head south 3 miles on 436th Ave SE which will become Cedar Falls Rd SE. It will be curvy and uphill. Upon entering the Recreation Area look for signs that are directing you to the Iron Horse State Park Trailhead. We will gather at the small parking lot closest to the Trailhead. ( 20 spaces. ) There is the more, bigger parking lot spaces closer to Rattlesnake Lake. ( about 100 spaces. )Leave earlier than you think so you'll be relaxed as you ready your bike and gear before the ride. Great time to meet other riders.

Ride Leader: Byron Bryant


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