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  • 12 Sep 2018
  • 18 Sep 2018
  • Zion National Park
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I want to go see all Zion has to offer and I want my OSAT family to experience it with me! I have reserved the Watchman Campground for Wednesday 12th through 18th. There is room for up to 40 people and 8 vehicles (carpooling will be a MUST! 5 people per vehicle to even it out!). Cost is $20 per person for the entire week, NON-REFUNDABLE. I paid for this out of pocket, so if less than 40 people sign up, I will be eating the deficit, so to speak. Please be sure you can make this trip prior to signing up! 

The plan will be to fly into Las Vegas on the 12th, jump in rental cars, and drive the 3 hours to Zion. Then we can setup up camp and start enjoying our vacation! There are lots of activities to do here. Most of what I am planning to do is hiking, with a possible day of canyoneering, if I can get the permit! Most hikes DO have a group size limit so we won't all be able to do the same hike the same day. I'd like to explore The Narrows, The Subway (top down route, canyoneering!), and of course, Angel's Landing while we're there.

Obviously the sooner we book airfare, the cheaper it is! I will continue to update this page, especially after I book our flight, in case any of you would like to get on the same flight! :D

Here is a loose itinerary, so far, for me:
9/12 - Wed - Land in Vegas, get rental cars, eat, drive to Zion, setup camp, RELAX!
9/13 - Thurs - Hike The Narrows (WET!)
9/14 - Fri - The Subway - Top to Bottom (CANYONEERING! Involves route finding, rappelling, and swimming!)

9/15 - Sat - Maybe we could find a spot to do some rock climbing (sport) for those that are interested!
9/16 - Sun - I would LOVE to spend Sunday FLOATING THE VIRGIN RIVER!

9/17 - Mon - Angel's Landing!
9/18 - Tues - Break down camp & pack, drive back to Vegas, fly home!

Once again, not everyone would be able to do the same hikes the same day as I believe most hikes have a limit of 12 people per organization, but we may need to look further into that.

Shoot me a call if you have any questions! I'm sure there are several details that I haven't thought about yet as this is still a work in progress! Thanks for being patient with me!

Nik Jensen

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