Hinkhouse Peak

In 1999, OSAT applied to the Washington State Board on Geographic Names to name a peak in the Cascades in honor of its founder, Jim Hinkhouse. The initial application was withdrawn at the request of the Board, because the peak that had been selected bordered on the Alpine Lakes Wildnerness Area, and the Washington board had previously determined that the US Board on Geographic Names was adverse to adding new names to designated wilderness areas.  After working with the board's staff, a new peak was selected for the application.

The new application moved through the approval process during 2000, and on December 14, 2000, the Washington board approved the designation of the summit immediately north of Washington Pass as Hinkhouse Peak. Six months later, the designation was approved by the United States Board on Geographic Names.  

A history of Hinkhouse Peak was published in the Summer 2005 issue of the Northwest Mountaineering Journal.   The peak is also described in some detail on the SummitPost.org page.  Articles about OSAT club climbs of Hinkhouse Peak have appeared in the Yodel in 2001 both before and after official designation, 2004 and 2007, and there is a nice photo-trip-report of climbing the technical North Ridge by two climbers not associated with the club.

Summit photo                                           Typical spring conditions - south face

Summit picture atop Hinkhouse Peak   Typical spring conditions, south face of Hinkhouse Peak

Facing North from the Washington Pass highway switchback at Liberty Bell  - Picture by Washington State DOT

Hinkhouse Peak during snow clearing operations

West Face in early spring - photo credit John Scurlock

West Face of Hinkhouse Peak - photo credit Scurlock

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