Jimmy's Book - Keep Climbing Mountains

During the initial years of OSAT's existance, Jim Hinkhouse spoke of writing a book about OSAT's beginnings and its unique marriage of recovery and mountaineering.   Shortly after retiring from Boeing in 1994, Jim took a course in writing at Bellevue Community College (now Bellevue College), and began outlining his concepts for such a book.

At the time of his death in May 1995, Jim had contacted possible publishers for the book, had fully outlined it, and had written text for nearly one-third of the material he outlined.   The manuscript laid dormant for over five years, but after the naming of Hinkhouse Peak in 2000, Jim's son provided a hard-copy of the material to the club.    Since March, 2004, the fully drafted portions of the book have been published in the Yodel.   Anyone interested in the history of One Step At A Time should begin here.  

The following Table of Contents, as laid out by Jim in his draft, is used here as an index to the Yodel serialization of the portions of Jim's book which he completed.  Links are to the .pdf files of the Yodel editions in which chapters of the book were published.   The serialized publication, and thus this index, is a work in progress.

  • PART III - The Adventure Continues  (only  one section drafted, the rest only outlined)
  • A Spritual Experience
  • Cracks in My Rose-Tinted Glasses
  • Going with the Flow
  • Tears at Camp Muir
  • Where have all the Climbers Gone?
  • Keep Climbing Mountains
  • Tension on Practice Weekend
  • A Day to Remember (unpublished draft exists)
  • Potluck at Karen's House
  • Part IV - How and Why It Works (three sections drafted, the rest only outlined)
  • The Need to Alter Consciousness
  • Feeling Good Naturally
  • Quieting the Mind (unpublished draft exists)
  • Wonders After Wonders
  • The Illusion of Control
  • Living in the Moment (unpublished draft exists)
  • Another Chemical Rush
  • Nobody Conquers Mountains
  • Connected to Other People
  • Accepting Personal Responsiblity
  • Happy, Joyous, and Free
  • Part V - The Ascent  (only outlined)
  • Last Minute Changes
  • Serenity Prayer in the Parking Lot
  • Excitement at Emmons Flats
  • Stumbling Around in the Dark
  • Stress on the Summit
  • Part VI - Afterwards (only outlined)
  • Lessons in Humility
  • Being Called an Eskimo is Good
  • The One Step at a Time Club
  • Where All the Flowers Went
  • Keep Running Relays
  • It's the Journey, Stupid
  • Appendices
  • Suggested Reading List
  • Glossary of Mountaineering Terms
  • Glossary of Recovery Terms

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